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Winter dreams de  Barbara Conklin  

Winter dreams
de Barbara Conklin


Edición: 1988
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 0553270621
Medidas: 10,7 x 17,1 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Novela en Ingles - Romantica
Peso: 150 gramos

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167 Pág.
U$S 18.64
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167 Pág.
U$S 18.64
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Descripción del libro usado "Winter dreams"

I started to wander down the aisles of the general store, when suddenly a door in the back opened and I turned to see him. As he walked toward me I inspected the strong, angled lines of his face, and the dark, nearly black hair that he pushed out of his eyes with one hand as he rested a box on the floor.
Mrs. Cartwright walked up to the boy. "This is my so, Michael".
She gestured with her hand, then touched the boy''s shirt sleeve. He turned and smiled at Helen, but ignored me.
It figures, I thought. This Michael artwright was acting just like a lot of good-looking guys I Knew-completely stuck-up.
"Happy to meet you", he said to Helen, still ignoring me. Then, picking up the empty carton, he wnt out the same way he had come in without glancing back.
What a waste, I thought. The one person in this wilderness who looks slightly interesting, and he doesn''t even notice me.

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