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Voyagers to California de  Del Wilcox  

Voyagers to California
de Del Wilcox

Sea Rock Press

Edición: 1991
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 15,5 x 23 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Idioma - Ingles
Peso: 430 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "Voyagers to California"

Table of Contents

List of maps.

Part I.
Spain and Mexico''s alta California.

Chapter 1:
The first to Arrive - The Indians, Our native americans Ishi.

Chapter 2:
The New World is Discovered - The Voyages Of Christopher Columbus.

Chapter 3:
The Beginning Of California exploration.
Captain Hernando Cortes.
Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza.

Chapter 4:
Alta California discovered.
The Voyage of Juan R. Cabrillo.
Chapter 5:
Francis Drake visits California.

Chapter 6:
The Galleons from Manila.

Chapter 7:
The Voyages of Sebastian R. Cermeno And Sebastian Viscaino.

Chapter 8:
Establishing The Missions of Alta California.
Father Junipero Serra.

Chapter 9:
The Russians In California at Fort Ross.
Chapter 10:
Americans Overthrow Mexican Rule Thomas O. Larkin, American Consul.

Part II
The american era.

Chapter 11:
Jhon Charles Fremont Explores The West.

Chapter 12:
To California By Ship during The gold rush.

Chapter 13:
Overland to California.
Jedediah Smith, old Joe (Joseph R.) Walker, John Marsh, John Bidwell, The Donner party.

Chapter 14:
Hispanic and Anglos.

Chapter 15:
The english and Scots In Early California.

The sons of Eire In Developing California.
Sam brannan''s Story.

Chapter 17:
Blacks were among the earliest Californians.

Chapter 18:
The Chinese come to the "Golden Mountains"

Chapter 19:
Japanese Trials in California.

Chapter 20:
Italians like the Mediterranean climate.
Domenico Ghirardelli, Father Joseph M. Neri.

Chapter 21:
Germans Mold developing California.

Chapter 22:
Jews find favor in The Golden State.

Chapter 23:
The Scandinavian Migration.

Chapter 24: Some Smaller Groups come to California: Voyagers from france.

Chapter 25: The Okies Make It to California.

Chapter 26:
The Other Asians: California Settlers from Asian Countries.

Conclusion: California''s Continuing Transformation.
A future Hard To Fathom


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