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Hostile waters de  Tom Clancy  

Hostile waters
de Tom Clancy

St. Martins

Edición: 1998
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 0312966121
Medidas: 10,6 x 17,2 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en Ingles - Suspenso
Peso: 200 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "Hostile waters"

As the Cold War drew to a close, a Soviet submarine armed with fifteen nuclear missiles suffered a crippling accident, coming within moments of an apocalyptic meltdown that could have devastated the eastern seaboard of the United States. Although our own govrnment all the way up to the white house was fully aware of the potential for disaster, they buried the facts, deciding to protect the American public from the truth... but not from the danger.
Now, for the first time, in the words of the survivors, the whole story is told a minute by minute, heartbeat by heartbeat account of the underwater terror and top-secret, top level intrigue. From the military command centers of both the U.S. and Soviet Union to the bridg of the stricken sub itself, you''ll share in a riveting true chronicle of courage, deception, and senseless death.

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