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For the good of the state de  Anthony Price  

For the good of the state
de Anthony Price

The Mysterious Press

Edición: 1987
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 0892962240
Medidas: 16 x 23,5 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en Ingles - Suspenso
Peso: 600 gramos

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U$S 42.27
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Descripción del libro usado "For the good of the state"

Exmoor, on Britain''s western coast, is a strange setting for a struggle between top KGB rivals. General Zarubin, the mastermind behind the assassination of an important pro-Solidarity priest, confronts the infinitely wily Professor Nikolai Andrievitch Panin, his Number Two, on a point overlooking the Bristol Channel. What are they doing in this unlikely spot?.
It started when Henry Jaggard of British Intelligence found that he had two pressing problems. He knows that the Soviets are mounting a defensive program against a Polish dissident group in Britain, but h cannot intervene without jeopardizing his best inside agents. And Dr. David Audley, of the Intelligence Research and Development Department, has been playing clever politics again; to bring him to heel, Jaggard needs first-hand evidence.
Now Jaggard has an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The Professor has formally requested a meeting with Audley, his old adversary. And - with the assistance of one of Jaggard''s own men - Audley can be safely relied upon to overstep the mark in his attempst to frustrate the Kgb...

Anthony Price''s espionage novels have been consistent winners of the British Crime Writers Association''s highest awards, including the Gold Dagger Award for Other Paths to Glory. His previous David Audley novel is Here Be Monsters.
Price livers near Oxford, England.

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