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English for foreign students - Teachers Book 3 de  E. Frank Candlin  

English for foreign students - Teachers Book 3
de E. Frank Candlin

University of London Press LTD

Edición: 1964
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 12,3 x 18,4 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Idioma - Ingles
Peso: 200 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "English for foreign students - Teachers Book 3"

Teachers Book 3:


Book Three completes the Present Day English course.
The student who has worked steadily through these three books with the aid of a competent teacher will have acquird a firm grasp of the structure of the language and a working vocabulary of 2,250 of the most commonly occurring Eglish words; he will have gained a reasonable facility in the four skills of understanding, reading, speaking and writing the language, and he will have learnt a good deal about life in contemporary Britain. Much will still remain to be done before he can claim to have really mastered the language, but sound foundations will have been laid on which he can be safely left to build for himself by practice and observation.
Students'' Book Three follows much the same arrangement as the earlier books. The comprehension questions, however, have been moved forward so that they follow immediately after the reading and conversation passages to which they refer, the notes on the sentence patterns are a good deal fuller than in the earlier books, and a note on different types of composition has been added at the end of each set of exercises.
Teacher''s Book Three begins with some further suggestions on teaching methods: training students to work on their own, the use of dictionaries, the teaching and marking of written composition, the teaching of oral composition, the encouragement of wider reading, and the teaching of literature. There follows some general guidance on the classroom use of the Student''s Book, and a detailed set of Lesson Notes for each of the fourteen Lessos, and there is a complete Key to the exercises.
Constant revision of vocabulary and structures already learnt is essential to good language teaching, and this need for revision is emphasised throughout Teacher''s Book Three. Many groups of related words met earlier in the course are listed in the Lesson Notes for vocabulary practice and to help in the preparation of oral and written composition, a full list of these groups of words is given on pages 160 and 161. In dealing with grammar and structure, reference from the Students'' Book to the Teacher''s Book is made easy by the use of the same sentence pattern numbers in both books.

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