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The Political Depravity of the Founding Fathers de  John Bach McMaster  

The Political Depravity of the Founding Fathers
de John Bach McMaster

Noonday Press

Edición: 1964
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 13,5 x 20,3 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Inglés
Peso: 300 gramos

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Libro Usado Inglés
Formato libro
245 Pág.
U$S 27.71
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Descripción del libro usado "The Political Depravity of the Founding Fathers"

John Bach Mc.Master, 1852-1932, is one of the great American historians. His History of the People of the United States has earned for him the title of the "Walt Whitman of American Historiography," a description which reflects McMaster''s tremendous scope, his inmensity of perception into the American Character, and his powerful belief in the greatness of América.

McMaster war, however, too clear-sighted a historian to pass ower the characteristic faults of America, and in this collertion of studies, published in 1896, he treats of some of the basic difficulties and defects of the American System. The treatment of the electoral "depravicy" of early American political figures and the brilliant scudy of the rowdy "Know-Nothings" serve to throw into bold relief the wisdom and power of the framers and interpreters of the Constitution, to which be dedicates two sections. The book ends with a synoptury. Four Centuries of Progress, in which McMaster projects his vision of the future of his country.

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