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Yonder de  Margaret Bell Houston  

de Margaret Bell Houston

Crown Publishers

Edición: 1955
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 14,5 x 21,5 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Inglés
Peso: 450 gramos

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242 Pág.
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Descripción del libro usado "Yonder"

Time had stopped for Zoé Croomer at the moment when she was about to elope with her lover. Thirty years had passed but Zoé was still a girl -in body, in heart and mind. She was beautiful; she was gentle. But she was mad. The world beyond that last meeting with her fiancé had ceased to exist for her.
But to Olive York, who had gone to Judge Croome´s place to forget her own disappointment in love, Zoé was real, and Olive determined to free Zoé from her illusion.
To do this she had to deal with awesome and bitter Joanna, Zoé´s sister, who controlled Zoé´s fate.
From the moment Olive York stands alone in the railway station during a hurricane, to the last unravelling of the mystery of the Croomes of Yonder Island, Margaret Bell Houston has sustained a mood of eerie foreboding of the greatest fascination. Time has a new meaning, age is held at bay. And she has created characters and an atmosphere of suspense with such skill and precision that they will be forever memorable to readers who like Rebecca and Wuthering Heights.

Margaret Bell Houston is the granddaughter of Sam Houston, who helped carve a nation and then changed it into the state of Texas.
And "the Raven", said the late Kenneth Rockwell, famous critic and teacher, would have been proud of his granddaughter´s literary achievement.
"It is Margaret Bell Houston´s ability to recall a period and culture which now seem far away and idyllic. She does her word painting easily, after the manner of a Chinese artist who suggests much with one stroke of the brush. She does not write long paragraphs of description, but defines with a word or a phrase."

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