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The hunt for red october de  Tom Clancy  

The hunt for red october
de Tom Clancy


Edición: 1985
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 425133516
Medidas: 10,6 x 17,4 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en Inglés - Suspenso
Peso: 230 gramos

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470 Pág.
U$S 23.15
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U$S 19.06
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Descripción del libro usado "The hunt for red october"

Soviet submarine commander Ramius goes AWOL. Is he about to start WWIII on his own? The Soviet government says Captain Ramius is demented and request US assistance to stop the Red October submarine before it launches its missiles against American targets. US intelligence analist Jack Ryan thinks otherwise; but he does not know how to contact Capt Ramius and learn the truth, before the Soviet or the US navy blow Red October to smithereens. Clancy has had a private chat with the President of the United States who proclaimed himself to be an avid fan of The Hunt for Red October. He has lunched with the White House staff. His novel has been a top seller at the Pentagon. Yet he is neither a former intelligence nor naval officer. Rather, Tom Clancy is an insurance broker from a small town in Maryland whose only previously published writing was a letter to the editor and a three-page article about the MX missile. Clancy always wanted to write a suspense novel, and a newspaper article about a mutiny on a Soviet frigate gave him the initial idea for Red October. He did extensive research about Soviet-American naval strategies and submarine technology.

The, rest is history... and now Clancy is at work on a major nwe novel.

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