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The Kraken Wakes de  John Wyndham  

The Kraken Wakes
de John Wyndham


Edición: 1966
Medidas: 12,3 x 18,9 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en ingles - Ciencia Ficción
Peso: 190 gramos

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127 Pág.
U$S 13.21
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Descripción del libro usado "The Kraken Wakes"

John Wyndham (born 1903) has tried many kinds of work, including teaching, farming, the law and advertising. He has written stories for American papers and several detective stories. He joined the army during the war, and after it turned to stories somewhat after the manner of H. G. Wells. But in Wyndham''s stories, the strange events are usually connected with living creatures. The day of the Triffids (1951) describes how people are blinded by light in the sky and are then unable to control the triffids (plants), which attack them. The Kraken wakes (1953) is also concerned with a threat to mankind. Intelligent creatures arrive from outer space and live in the deep oceans, where men find in difficult to attack them. These creatures bring sorrow, destruction and death to the earth and only when the greater part of mankind is dead are they beaten.

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