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Success at first certificate - Student's book de  Robert O'Neill - Duckworth - Gude  

Success at first certificate - Student's book
de Robert O'Neill - Duckworth - Gude

Oxford University Press

Edición: 1992
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 0194532658
Medidas: 21,8 x 27,5 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Idioma - Ingles - Gram?tica
Peso: 580 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "Success at first certificate - Student's book"

About the book
Success a First Certificate is an integrated course divided into 20 topic-based units. Every eight-page unit has five parts, each starting on a new page. Each of these five parts is called a "focus".

Each of focus 1-3 brings a fresh perspective to the unit topic together with integrated and varied language input and practice. The focus input may be one or more of:
Picture discussion
Use of english
Passages for comment
Practice of vocabulary, structure and usage arises naturally from the input of the focus. Practice activities and exercises may be one or more of:
Language study
Use of english
Role play
Problem solving
Focus 4 of each unit concentrates on the writing skill and the composition paper of the exam. It provides models, and practice of all the types of composition (letter, narrative, speech, argument, description etc.) required in this part of the exam
Focus 5 contains Revision and extension of key structure and vocabulary. Many of the exercises are in the form of the exam and there are cross-references where necessary to the Grammar Summary at the back of the book. This Summary provides clear grammatical explanations and examples. There is an extra Listening test in every second unit.
The Syllabus pages show how each unit practises each of the five papers of the exam as well as listing the language study and vocabulary covered.

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