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Room at the top de  John Braine  

Room at the top
de John Braine


Edición: 1963
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 11,2 x 18,2 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en Ingles - Otros generos
Peso: 190 gramos

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236 Pág.
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Descripción del libro usado "Room at the top"

Remember the name: John Braine. You''ll be hearing quite a lot about him. Room at the Top is his first novel, and it is a remarkable one.
This is what John Metcalf wrote in the Sunday Times when this novel was published.
The hero, Joe Lampton, was brought up on the fringes of poverty and squalor in an ugly North Country town. He has emerged with one overriding aim: to fight his way up into the bright world of money and influence.
So, when he moves to a new town and a new job and starts to move among comfortable-off, intelligent people, it looks as if the campaing is succeeding. Since he is an attractive and energetic young man, it is not long before a very pretty girl with a rich father falls in love with him.
Only one thing holds him back; he is himself in love with another woman. She is older than he, her looks are beginning to fade, and she is married already. But between them an extraordinary love grows up, a passion of both the heart and the senses.
This book shows a deep insight into the passion of men and women, it portrays erotic love with power and tenderness, and it has a profound feeling for the sanity of the senses and their world.
Though it is at times angry and ironic, it is never self-pitying.

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