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Living english structure de  W. Stannard Allen  

Living english structure
de W. Stannard Allen


Edición: 1977
ISBN: 0582525063
Medidas: 12,9 x 19,7 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Ingles
Peso: 390 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "Living english structure"


The common problems of English language structure have to be overcome by all students, and the difficulties they find are similar in all parts of the world. Regional differnces can always be dealt with by the teacher, who should be aware of the particular problems of his students. The following general principles are self-evident:
1: All students want to speak, write and read the normal accepted English of today.
2: This can only be achieved by constant practice of existing forms, with some rational explanation of the grammatical devices employed, wherever this is possible.
The exercises in this book have been devised over a period of eight years, and are the results of practical experience with classes of foreign adults, including students of Latin, Teutonic, Slavonic, and Arabic origin. All the exercises have been tried out and found practicable, and I hope they will prove useful and valuable to many other teachers of English.

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