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Language in thought and action de  S. I. Hayakawa  

Language in thought and action
de S. I. Hayakawa

George Allen & Unwin

Edición: 1959
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 14,3 x 22,2 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Idioma - Ingles
Peso: 600 gramos

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336 Pág.
U$S 77.74
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Descripción del libro usado "Language in thought and action"

In 1941 S. I. Hayakawa published Language in Action which demonstrated the principles of language by practical situations. It was an immediate success, selling over 300.000 copies. The author when he came to revise his book found so much new material to add that a new book was required.
He has written, therefore, Language in Thought and Action which contains the material which made the original book "a lucidly written introduction to semantics" in a very much extended form, together with all the new material.
It is a stimulating guide to accurate thinking, reading, listening and writing, and shows how men use words and how words use men. Part one is conerned with the functions of language and deals with symbols; the language of reprorts; social cohesion and social control; and the double task of language. Part two is concerned with language and thought and deals with words and their meanings; the different meanings attached to the same word when applied to the speaker''s actions and to other people''s actions; the use of words; and pitfalls in debate.

Even while they are violently disagreeing with him, the majority of intelligent readers will enjoy this alert and lively book... The book deals excitingly with the functions of language, and, in the second part, with the relations of language to thought. Not all of it makes easy reading; yet none of it is dull.

The Economist.

Anyone who cares at all for the art of using words will want to read this book; those who don''t care, ought to read it.

A. M. A.

Admirably sound, temperate and unpedantic, amusingly documented, it can e recommended to all.

Book of the Month.

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