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Full house de  M. J. Farrel  

Full house
de M. J. Farrel


Edición: 1935
Medidas: 13,2 x 20,3 x 3,5 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Novela en ingles - Otros géneros
Peso: 400 gramos

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315 Pág.
U$S 28.04
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Descripción del libro usado "Full house"

Miss M. J. Farrell''s novels are a never-failing source of enjoyment. The felicity of her writing, the spontaneity of her native wit, her joyous delineation of character, are a constant delight. In Full House her characters grip our attention at once, and a very pleasant crowd they are, living in a delightful Irish home between the hills and the sea. There is first of all Sir Julian, usually preoccupied with his fishing, married rather extraordinarily to Olivia, beautiful still in the forties, but selfish and rather stupid.
There is also Eliza who had once loved Julian, still loves him, and is now content to have a romantic friendship with him.
But Eliza''s great heart showers pity too on his son John, over whom the shadow of madness lies, and it is this shadow that looms over the love of Sheena, the daughter of the house, and Rupert, her handsome young soldier lover. The minor characters are perfect gems of portraiture, particularly Miss Parker, the plain little governess, sighing wistfully for beauty and lavishing her love on her small charge Micky. Full House provides a rich feast of entertainment and is quite the best novel that Miss Farrell has given us.

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