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Education de  W. O. Lester Smith  

de W. O. Lester Smith


Edición: 1964
Tomos: 1
Medidas: 11,2 x 18 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Idioma - Ingles
Peso: 200 gramos

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Descripción del libro usado "Education"

Intended for the general reader, this book attempts to provide an account of modern trends in educational theory and practice, and it reviews current problems.

It presents for the reader''s consideration most of the fundamental issues under discussion today in educational circles - aims and principles, the interaction of home and school, the curriculum, the significance of the neighbourhood, problems of control and administration, equalit of opportunity, the education and status of teachers, the organizatio of secondary education, the influence of the Churches and voluntary societies, and the educational needs of an industrial society.

A brief survey of this kind can be a dreary catalogue if it is not selective, and for that reason there are some important omissions.
It has been assumed that many readers will wish to study more closely aspects and issues that particularly interest them, and throughout there are references to relevant literature, including many books to which the author is specially indebted. A reading list has also been appended in the hope that it will prove helpful. Several risions have been made in this reprint, to bring the book up t date.

"Cool, unbiased, objective, tolerant"
The Times Educational Supplement.

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