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Murder after hours de  Agatha Christie  

Murder after hours
de Agatha Christie


Edición: Third Printing - 1970
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 44005922075
Medidas: 10,8 x 17,8 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en Inglés - Suspenso
Peso: 190 gramos

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256 Pág.
U$S 18.72
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U$S 15.42
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Descripción del libro usado "Murder after hours"

The Hollow:

Agatha Christie again does what she does best: gathers a group of diverse characters at a country estate, provides motive and opportunity for each of them to commit a murder, and then allows a murder to occur.

The setting for "The Hollow" (also published as "Murder After Hours") is the home of Sir Henry Angkatell and his fascinating wife Lady Lucy Angkatell. A weekend houseparty launches the mystery to which Hercule Poirot, a neighbor who has a weekend cottage nearby, has been invited. Also present are: Henrietta Savage, talented young sculptress; Midge Hardcastle, poor relation who works in a dress shop; Edward Angkatell, shy bookworm in love with Henrietta; David Angkatell, a university student; Dr. John Christow, long-time friend of the Angkatells and lover of Henrietta, and Gerda Christow, Johns wife.

When Poirot arrives for the weekend, he first enters the swimming pool area where a body lays. Nearby is a person holding a revolver. Sounds simple, but appearances are often deceiving.

Christie once again gives us another variation on the most likely person being guilty in the brilliant fashion that only she can. She never runs out of surprise endings, and this is one of her finest.

Murder After Hours:

Hercule Poirot is disgusted by the crude humor his hostess displays by arranging a "murder" scene to unfold as he arrives. Too bad it was real... When Poirot realizes the man with the gunshot wound is really dying, he rushes over just in time to hear the man gasp a name: "Henrietta." Poirot first suspects the wife of the crime, then the mistress, and every other family member and servant in turn. He finally realizes that every clue, rather than leading him toward a suspect, leads him away from one particular person... Poirot''s curiosity and desire for the truth grow. He must know who killed John Angkatell.

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