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Look, listen and learn! - Pupils' book two de  L. G. Alexander  

Look, listen and learn! - Pupils' book two
de L. G. Alexander


Edición: 1969
Tomos: 1
ISBN: 0582519810
Medidas: 17 x 24,4 cm
Estado: Bueno
Género: Inglés
Peso: 250 gramos

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U$S 37.77
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U$S 25.92
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Descripción del libro usado "Look, listen and learn! - Pupils' book two"


  • 1.-The holidays are over
  • 3.-Photographs of our holiday
  • 5.-A pair of sunglasses
  • 7.-Please pay attention!
  • 9.-Can you tell us the way?
  • 11.-Professor Boffin
  • 13.-Mrs. Gasbag
  • 15.-The weighing machine
  • 17.-Flour and water
  • 19.-Sandy''s money-box
  • 21.-Father hangs a picture
  • 23.-Professor Boffin''s umbrella
  • 25.-It sounds terrible!
  • 27.-A funny cake
  • 29.-Mother meets Mr. May
  • 31.-Sandy has a bad cold
  • 33.-Sandy''s medicine
  • 35.-No parking
  • 37.-Pour it over yourself!
  • 39.-Haircut or shave?
  • 41.-A fight
  • 43.-Where''s the key? - Where''s the car?
  • 45.-Sue diary
  • 47.-Professor Boffin''s shoes
  • 49.-Scientists are clever men
  • 51.-Sue''s diary: At the dentist''s
  • 53.-Put those cakes back!
  • 55.-Professor Boffin buys some eggs
  • 57.-A lovely treat
  • 59.-Sue''s diary: Gradma and Grandpa
  • 61.-Mrs. Boffin''s birthday
  • 63.-Sue''s diary: The donkey
  • 65.-Sue''s diary: Farmer Gimbel arrives
  • 67.-Sue''s diary: Give him a carrot!
  • 69.-Sue''s diary: We say goodbye
  • 71.-Sue''s diary: Lucky or unlucky?
  • 73.-Sue''s diary: ho is it?
  • 75.-Sue'' diary: What do you want for breakfast?
  • 77.-Sue'' diary: Pass it along!
  • 79.-Sue'' diary: A new kite
  • 81.-Sue'' diary: A day indoors
  • 83.-Billy''s lucky number
  • 85.-A very short visit
  • 87.-I didn''t play truant!
  • 87.-Try it out
  • 89.-Try in on
  • 91.-How long'' ve you been here?
  • 93.-There''s been a mistake!
  • 95.-Whoops!
  • 97.-That''s a nice fire
  • 99.-A trick
  • 101.-Don''t waste time!
  • 103.-A new pair of shoes
  • 105.-Where shall we go?
  • 107.-The robot comes to tea
  • 109.-Fishing in the rain
  • 111.-A big fire
  • 113.-Who''ll run and errand for me?
  • 115.-''L'' for learner
  • 117.-What do you want me to do?
  • 119.-The end of term.

  • Observaciones:

    El libro se encuentra en buen estado, tiene escrita la ultima hoja en una de sus carilla que es en blanco.

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