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Colourful London de  _  

Colourful London
de _

Jarrols & Sons

Medidas: 22,3 x 28,8 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Ingles
Peso: 600 gramos

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U$S 25.82
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Descripción del libro usado "Colourful London"

No single book can attempt to do justice to the complexity of London, the greatest city of the British Commonwealth. It is the diversity of its appeal, the charm discovered in the most unexpected places and the fascination of its traditions and ceremonies which make London unique among the capitals of the modern world.

The Roman historian Tacitus gives us the first recorded detail of London, which even in the year A.D. 62 was an important market, though not so large as many other Roman settlements. Towards the end of the Roman era London was enclosed by a wall, but little is known of its subsequet history until the reign of King Alfred, who refortified the city against the Danes. The coming of the Normans brought a change in the fortunes of London, for William the Conqueror granted it charter and began to build the Tower.....

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