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Children of dune de  Frank A. Herbert  

Children of dune
de Frank A. Herbert

New English Library

Edición: 1979
ISBN: 450034275
Medidas: 10,8 x 17,9 x 2,6 cm
Estado: Muy Bueno
Género: Novela en ingles - Ciencia Ficción
Peso: 230 gramos

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380 Pág.
U$S 63.66
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Descripción del libro usado "Children of dune"

Frank Herbert''s Dune, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, is one of the most famous and widely read science fiction novels ever written. It is followed by the equally acclaimed Dune Messiah and now, with Children of Dune, comes the magnificent finale of this epic series.

Old Paul Atreides, who led the Fremen to domination of the human galaxy, is gone now, and Arrakis itself is slowly changing; ecological change has brought vast areas of greenery and even open water to the desert planet. But all is not well; the altered climate is threatening extinction to the sandworms which are essential to the planet'' economy, and the continued rule of the Atreides family is being challenged by fanatics and their worst enemy, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

These are problems potentially far more deadly than any Paul had to contend with. How the Children of Dune faced up to them creates an impressive climax to one of science fiction''s greatest achievements.

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